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GetLineByPos(Posistion as string) as PdcPurchaseInvoiceLine


Returns the invoice line of the supplied position number.


This method returns one invoice line of the supplied position number. The position must be an existing position in the invoice object. Otherwise no object is returned.

Code example

The script returns position 2 of the invoice and validates the object.

dim objPI
dim objPIList
dim objPILine

  set objPI = pdc.logistics.purchaseinvoices.active
  set objPIList = objPI.PurchaseInvoiceLineList
  set objPILine = objPIList.GetLineByPos("002")
  if not (objPILine is nothing) then
    msgbox "Position " & objPILine.Pos & " " & objPILine.Description
  end if


Available since July 2015 (Version 5.1 onwards)