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AddLineWithPO(PONumber, POPosition as String, DeliveryID as Integer) as PdcPurchaseInvoiceLine Either enter PONumber and POPositions or enter DeliveryID.


The method adds a purchase invoice line linked to a purchase order line or a delivery line.


NB!! In case of setting "book purchase invoice based on goods receipt" the deliverylineID should be provided. The setting is in section LOGISTIEK, setting INKOOPFACTUURBASIS (1 = order, 2 = goods receipt). The method does NOT check this, you need to supply the ING_ID of the delivery line. Report an error in your script in case of no or more than one receipt.

Code example

dim objPI
dim objPIList
dim objPIL
dim strPONr
dim strPos

  set objPI = pdc.Logistics.PurchaseInvoices.Active
  if IsValid(objPI) then
    set objPIList = objPI.PurchaseInvoiceLineList
    if IsValid(objPIList) then
      strPONr = GetAnyField("TOTINKOOP", "IN_ID", edt_IN.Text, "IN_NR")
      strPos  = GetAnyField("TOTINKOOP", "IN_ID", edt_IN.Text, "IN_BPOS")
      set objPIL = objPIList.AddLineWithPO(strPONr, strPos, 0)
      if IsValid(objPIL) then
        mmo_Log.Lines.Add "Line" & objPIL.Pos & " added(" & objPIL.ID & ")" & " CostKind = " & objPIL.CostKind
        mmo_Log.Lines.Add pdc.LastError
      end if 'IsValid(objPIL)
    end if 'IsValid(objPIList)
    msgbox "No purchase invoice found."
  end if 'IsValid(objPI)


Available since July 2015 (Version 5.1 onwards)