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AddExtraLine(intExCostID as integer, strExCostDescr, intLinkToPos as Integer) as PdcPurchaseInvoiceLine. Enter the ID of the extra costs line in the FCKOST table, or its description. In case the line needs to be linked to another line in the same invoice, enter the ID.


The method adds a purchase invoice line for extra costs, optionally linked to another invoice line.


When the line that the extra line is to be linked to, is also created in your script, save the invoice first to obtain the ID of the line.

Code example

dim objPI
dim objPIList
dim objPIL
dim objPILLink

  set objPI = pdc.Logistics.PurchaseInvoices.Active
  if IsValid(objPI) then
    set objPIList = objPI.PurchaseInvoiceLineList
    if IsValid(objPIList) then
      set objPILLink = objPIList.GetLineByPos("001")
      if IsValid(objPILLink) then
        set objPIL = objPIList.AddExtraLine(edt_Extra.Hint, "" , objPILLink.ID)
        if IsValid(objPIL) then
          mmo_Log.Lines.Add "Line" & objPIL.Pos & " added(" & objPIL.ID & ")" & " CostKind = " & objPIL.CostKind
          mmo_Log.Lines.Add pdc.LastError
        end if 'IsValid(objPIL)
      end if 'IsValid(objPILLink)
    end if 'IsValid(objPIList)
    msgbox "No purchase invoice found."
  end if 'IsValid(objPI)


Available since July 2015 (Version 5.1 onwards)