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RelationNrs as IStrings


Returns or changes the list of RelationNrs to be set in the generated email.


This property should contain a list of relation numbers. This property will only have an effect when using SMTP and showing the email in the Bemet email form. There it will allow the user to easily select the emailaddresses of the contacts of any customers with the relation numbers provided.

Code example

This code example creates an empty email, adds 2 relation numbers, and shows the resulting email in a client.

Dim aEmail As PDCEXT.IExtensionMail = PDC.App.ExtensionMail
aEmail.ForceSmtp = True

Dim RelationNrs As IStrings = PDC.App.GetEmptyStringsList
RelationNrs .Add("00501")
RelationNrs .Add("00502")
aEmail.RelationNrs = RelationNrs 



Available since April 2023(From version 2023.2.1.0)